Heading to upstate New York to shoot waterfalls at Minnewaski State Park.

We are in Beantown this weekend to take in the Cubs/Red Sox game and shoot some cityscape.

NEBP visited the Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia, PA

It’s 1:45am and just putting the finishing touches on prints to load-in tomorrow (now today) at the Chapel Street Players theater in Newark, DE.  Our work will be on display and available for sale during the “Cat On A Hot Tin Roof” performances.

…until our trip to Antarctica!!  Just checked out our INMARSAT satellite for communications while on board the ship.  Make sure you all keep track of us at http://northeastbayinantarctica.shutterfly.com/


With over 33,000 participants in this year’s Worldwide Photo Walk, Kelly and I spent the better part of 2 hours walking around Chesapeake City, MD taking photos.  Wayne Camlin organized our group of 10 and led us along the shoreline and docks of the C&D Canal. We also walked the town square and a couple of streets in the small town.  While Wayne and the rest of the participants ventured up onto the bridge overlooking the city and canal, Kelly and I opted to head back to the Chesapeake Inn restuarant to cool-off from the extremely hot temps.

It was great meeting new photographers and exploring something we had never looked at closely before.

Get out there and discover something new.  You’ll be surprised.

Robert & Kelly

Since Kelly and I have had some pretty busy months well, lot’s of busy months, we thought we would share some of the places we’ve been and things we’ve photographed in 2008 and 2009.

Going forward, you’ll see more details of places we’re going and places we’ve been.  You’ll also see tips, tricks and “secret” locations for great photographs!

Keep it sharp!
Robert & Kelly

Jan-08  Hawaii Spent five wonderful days on the island of Kauai
Mar-08  Blackwater NWR Eagles, Sunrises and Wildlife
Mar-08  Bombay Hook NWR Waterfowl, Foxes
Mar-08  Conowingo Dam Eagles
Apr-08  Toronto, Canada Niagara Falls
Apr-08  Conowingo Dam Eagles
May-08  Boothbay Harbor, ME Lobster Boats, Classic Cars, Lighthouses, Landscapes
May-08  Bombay Hook NWR Waterfowl, Foxes
Jun-08  Bombay Hook NWR Waterfowl, Foxes
Jul-08  Blackwater NWR Eagles, Sunrises and Wildlife
Aug-08  Conowingo Dam Eagles
Aug-08  Great Falls Landscape
Aug-08  Longwood Gardens Flowers
Aug-08  Boothbay Harbor, ME Lighthouses, Sunflowers
Sep-08  Colorado Fall Foliage, Landscape
Sep-08  Conowingo Dam Eagles
Sep-08  Longwood Gardens Flowers
Oct-08  Blackwater NWR Eagles, Sunrises and Wildlife
Oct-08  Bombay Hook NWR Waterfowl, Foxes
Oct-08  Conowingo Dam Eagles
Oct-08  New York City Cityscape
Nov-08  Conowingo Dam Eagles
Dec-08  Conowingo Dam Eagles
Dec-08  Florida Eagles
Jan-09  Edgewood, MD Whistle-stop Tour
Feb-09  Mississippi River Eagles
Apr-09  Boston, MA Red Sox vs. Yankees
Apr-09  Washington DC Cherry Blossoms
Jun-09  Bar Harbor, ME Acadia NP, Landscape, Lighthouses, Puffins
Jul-09  Philadelphia, PA Fireworks
Aug-09  Washington DC City
Sep-09  Conowingo Dam Eagles
Sep-09  Maryland Sunflowers
Oct-09  Conowingo Dam Eagles
Oct-09  New Hampshire Fall Foliage
Oct-09  New York City Cityscape
Nov-09  Bombay Hook NWR Waterfowl, Foxes
Nov-09  Conowingo Dam Eagles
Dec-09  Blackwater NWR Eagles, Sunrises and Wildlife
Dec-09  Conowingo Dam Eagles
Jan-10  Mississippi River Eagles